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Cartia Low Dose Aspirin 100mg 168 Tablets

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Cartia Low Dose Aspirin 100mg 168 Tablets

If you have been recommended a low dose aspirin by your doctor, you may have been told about the benefits of Cartia. 

Cartia hleps thin the blood to reduce clotting.  Taken every day, Cartia helps to reduce the risk of heart attack and stroke in patients with known cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease.

Ordinary aspirin is generally released in the stomach and may cause irritation to the stomach lining.

Cartia low dose aspirin has a special Duentric coating designed to prevent it from being released in the stomach, so that it is released lower in the intestine.  By releasing aspirin lower in the intestine, Cartia helps to minimise irritation to the stomach lining.

So if you, or a person you care for, has been advised to take a daily low dose aspirin, consider Cartia - the low dose aspirin designed to protect the stomach.

It is important to take Cartia at the same time everyday.  The blister packs are conveniently marked wtih a calender to help you keep track of your daily dose.

To help patients managed their heart health, a free Cartia app is now available.  One of the practical functions is a medication reminder that when activated, will alert the patient at the same time every day to take their Cartia tablet.

Directions:  it is recommended that you take only 1 tablet per day.  Do not break the tablet.  Swallow the tablet whole with water.  Do not double up if you happen to miss a dose.  

Use under medical supervision:  And of course, the use of low dose aspirin may be only one component of your medical practitioner's management plan to prevent you having a further heart attack or stroke.  You should discuss this plan with your medical practitioner.  Do not substitute other medicines containing aspirin, without first consulting your pharmacist or medical practitioner.


Disclaimer - In providing and displaying this product information on this website (including, but not limited to, topics such as ingredients, directions, storage & warnings) we recommend you closely check the product information on the actual product packaging or, in the case of a therapeutic product, check with the pharmacist, to ensure the product is relevant to your required use and the product information is still up-to-date & accurate.

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GlaxoSmithKline Cartia Low Dose Aspirin 100mg 168 Tablets
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